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[audio]Sexy Songs - Main$tream
GOD92 Main$tream - Sexy Songs 2005 re-release Main$tream music!GOD REKIDZ HAS BEEN BLESSED!! Thanks to Mr Main$tream for kindly letting us re-release these epic older works, originally released by the Pain Free Found Sound Institute, this trio of albums covers many years, just like GOD Rekidz. The delphic Main$tream is now eternal, also just like GODREKIDZ!! As has been said before, Listen & Learn...
Keywords: god rekidz, Main$tream, fakecore, painfree
Downloads: 77,512
[audio]Strider vs K9D - Strider & K9D
GOD28 Strider vs K9d 2005 K9d - Put OutStrider - Doom Loops One of the few poor down trodden releases which have been sat on for many many moons! Obviously it deserves far better than that. These two famous North Americans go side to side on a tape thing! Fancy artwork by Over Thruster.Want more info? Want descriptive texts to evaluate? To godamned bad! Listen & learn, and then ask daft questions to yrself, alone in a basement, and feel secure in the knowledge that you already know the answers t...
Keywords: god rekidz, Strider, K9D, noise, en coli
Downloads: 20,848
[audio]Learnin to Live With Reptiles - Dub Ya Children Eaterz
Astounding preset freenoise!!! Designed, once again, with YOU in mind, and in body. Part One of the first trio in tha DYcE chronicles.. k5k & males kort
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 20,077 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]TURDS OF GOD - Various Artists
GOD100 Various Artists - Turds of GOD To celebrate the fancy numbers we've compiled this super amazing compilation from previous releases. And yes, you can have it all, free! Ridiculous! "it was the best of times, it was the blurst of times"
Keywords: god rekidz
Downloads: 16,982
[audio]I - Hinder
GOD104 Hinder - I 2006 Canada's resident flesh merchant. broody symphonies and distorted lifestyle. kinda dark, spooky and dark ! DARK ! first part of the 3x 6 mini cd series on GOD rekidz. its just fuckin' dark !
Keywords: god rekidz, Hinder 1, one
Downloads: 14,867
[audio]Music For Female Masturbation - Skeeter
2003 Made by Sukeeteru upon special request. Don't play it around the pets or eldrely neighbors. I am funny, but this is serious noise. You are funny too. OMG ITS SKEETER!!!!!!
Downloads: 11,026
[audio]Blue Light From The Mouth of Infinity - Anti-Kati
This ones dedicated to GOD !!!! ! !!! !! (religious techno)
Keywords: Techno; christian techno; anti-kati; god rekidz
Downloads: 9,950 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]August Acoustics - It's Always Last Tuesday Somewhere
folky improv
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 9,890
[audio]Accept No Substitutes - Squee
EP of left over Squee digital hijinx + breaky noises!!
Keywords: Breakcore
Downloads: 9,845
[audio]Paedophile EP - Anti-Kati
Synth pop for tha masses! Deep music for deep people.
Keywords: Contemporary Christian
Downloads: 8,965
[audio]Bass Reflex - Pig Nasty
GOD68 Pig Nasty - Bass Reflex 2005 MCslypussy as PIG NASTY !!!!Recorded in Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, New Jersey, New York and Niagara Falls USA !!!When the bass kicks you cant do anything but shake yr ass, it's not a conscious decision.It's a BASS REFLEX !!!!!!!!!!A classic piece of GOD rekidz funk history and breakcore.why is nothing sacred anymore?if you can correctly name the all the original samples you win a huge fuckin' prize.Special props to Ingram Lethborg (SPACE) and Supreme Master Sk...
Keywords: god rekidz, pig nasty, mcslypussy, anti-kati, breakcore, brains
Downloads: 8,799 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Do Not Try To Tempt Us With Yr Logic Vol7 - Anti-Kati
The ideas here are in a binary form. simply,, A) ridiculing paranoid govts in to B) ridiculing funk and commercial music - revert to A) with a different drum n bass/hXc style and throw in paranoid religion and russia !
Keywords: Breakcore
Downloads: 8,724
[audio]Do Not Try To Tempt Us With Yr Logic Vol5 - Anti-Kati

Keywords: Breakcore
Downloads: 8,247
[audio]Division - Division
GOD13 Division 2002 Reasonably harsh industrial sounding noises, recorded in a concrete surrounding.Involves k5k, Hakaider, & Rigel (Dawn of Azazel) pushing buttons, whacking hammers,twisting nobs and drinking beer, and noise. and noise. also, disorientation and blood!
Keywords: god rekidz, division, k5k, anti-kati, hakaider, dawn of azazel, noise
Downloads: 7,616
[audio]Transformers Suite - Anti-Kati
Anti-Kati in the mutha fukkin house y'all git it inya. suk a fuk. more then meets the eye. some crazyass shit going down and we are here representing.all you suckaz who dont know a/k in full effect betterwatch yr backs becuz this shit is gonna explode yastinking mata usis !!!!!!!! get a fairy tale endingup. fuck tha reptiles !! fuck 1997 to 2001. .there aint no turning back now. the truth can onlybe heard...
Keywords: transformers, anti-kati, breakcore, plunderphonics, brains
Downloads: 7,612
[audio]Oktoberfest - It's Always Last Tuesday Somewhere
IALTS presents more super lo fi blues shit! mmyeep
Keywords: Idiot
Downloads: 5,972
[audio]The Nanocreep - Crude
GOD82 Crude - The Nanocreep 2005 The notoriously infamously notorious Matthew Middleton finally makes it official, We're number one!! God Rekidz is set for life now! Woo Yeahaa!!! Electro pop noise classics from our man in Dunedin. To quote the man himself; "fuck free stuff is big - its totally WORTH doing it" Yay! and thank fuck people have this attitude, in return we promise to make him even more famous!
Keywords: god rekidz, crude, matt middleton
Downloads: 5,715
[audio]The Light of Limitless Nothingness - Dub Ya Children Eaterz

Keywords: electro-avant
Downloads: 5,704 (1 review)
[audio]The Paranoiak - Braincras
GOD94 Braincras - The Paranoiak 2005 Hard core kicking gabber. classic 1994 - top notch stuff. a tense young canadian teen in a bedroom with the 909's pounding. watch out for those housey synths because chances are they are coming to get you. keep yr breakcore this is STOMPING ! Rinse it out. (recorded 2001)
Keywords: god rekidz, Braincras, HARDCORE, The Gabba Freak
Downloads: 5,679 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Noizecore is My Favourite Emo Subgenre - DJ Rotting Corpse vs Sounds of Horror

Downloads: 4,897 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Continental Drift - Nervous
Dark disturbing ambient noise atmospherics from En Coli! He's famous! Use while overdosing on med's and delving deep into the cyber spaces.
Keywords: Ambient
Downloads: 3,509 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Static Dynamics - J.Schizoid
The first cd from this project by the infamous Schizoid. Dark noise scapes which won't let you sleep......
Keywords: Ambient
Downloads: 3,351
[audio]Psycho Lovers EP - Squee
most left over greatness! breaks, noise, guitars, the whole shebang! whatever that word means!
Keywords: Brokecore
Downloads: 3,206
[audio]Type A - Infex
minimal microproject by En Coli (contra)
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 2,608
[audio]This is House Music Volume 12 - dubMASTAflo
GOD112 dubMASTAflo - This is House Music Volume 12 2006 House Music. you have been warned. Recorded by Dan Gustle and DJ cowparts in Skeeter's basement and bedroom in Toronto. It was -8 degrees outside. So the party had to be in da House !!!
Keywords: god rekidz. dubMASTAflo, house music, uplifting vocal
Downloads: 2,601
[audio]The cheap arse shitcore EP, or The shit arse cheapcore EP - Drillbit
GOD103 Drillbit - The Cheap Arse Shitcore EP or The Shit Arse Cheapcore EP 2006 Brudal kicks and hardcoreniss. someone call the police ! fuckin wild' - as only the man from PAINt can deliver. DIG IT! and so handsome ! fucking shithead is the shit !!!!!!!! He maybe a drillbit but he certainly doesn't bore !!!!
Keywords: god rekidz, drillbitt, shithead, PAINT, fakecore, breakcore, speedbass
Downloads: 2,490
[audio]Pat Eccentric & 707Kontroller - Black Soap - Pat Eccentric
Side A Pat Eccentric - Patric never moved on from eccentricity to deeper mental health problems. He was playing with his gameboy, recording it and being all eccentric. It is rumoured he even tried to kiss Skeeter on the mouth. Skeeter says "He never kissed me, he just bit my face". Maybe Pat is crazy. Or maybe Skeeter just doesn't understand the elegance and subtleties of the male / male kiss. This may help you to understand Side A of Black Soap...
Downloads: 2,424
[audio]PIG TECHNOLOGY - Anti-Kati vs Angry Teenagers Who Want to Kill People
GOD88 is not a reference to Hitler or the nazi party. The third reich maybe over but PIG Technology is on the rise again. The Angry Teenagers who want to kill people and Anti-Kati have teamed up to force the threat of Pig Technology and its unsavoury ways back into submission. Using ultra hyper edited breakcore, confusing improvised free-noise, and a sub-plot of romeo and julian styled secret lust between members of the different bands...
Downloads: 2,379
[audio]Bad to the Bone - The Druids
GOD37 The Druids - Bad to the Bone 2004 En Coli! Tellin it like it is, girl power!!These boots are gonna walk all over yr bone.
Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 2,261
[audio]25/11/03 - k5k vs The King
The King mysteriously came to NZ, mysterious! The circuits were completed. brains were adjusted accordingly, the hum of the GOD REKDIZ machine became more finely tuned.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 2,234
[audio]Altered States - Deathbomb
Deathbomb, hes baaaaad news. Influencing you with psychic 8 bit samplers, reminding you that you MUST take evil drugs. Listen and listen!
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,819
[audio]The Base - Kohmeini
Can this guy play on words or what ? A super hardcore full on hip hop flex starring the number one dictator Kohmeini and his entourage of crazy menfolk Free-B, Cassius Money, Optimus Prime with Drillbit (aka Newcastles Fucking Shithead ) making the beats.its f.r.e.s.h fresh. get down !
Downloads: 1,633
[audio]NEON - It's Always Last Tuesday Somewhere
Your trial period has expired. Audio rendering is now limited to 30 seconds. Consider yourself lucky if your session was less than 30 seconds long. Words to live by, words to die by.
Keywords: contemporary electronica
Downloads: 1,567
[audio]Rock Ass - Evil Robot Ted
What You? FACE?! ROCK ASS DUDE! This super Rad Pinky noise ass is from Some other Ace ROBOT in the North of the world, If ever a cd cover was pink, this one would be disqualified . This is awesome, believe me. God Rekidz released it, so its awesome!
Keywords: Brokecore
Downloads: 1,561
[audio]Lycanthrope - The Druids

Keywords: electronic
Downloads: 1,501
[audio]The Bonhill Rekid - Various Artists
GOD85 V/A - The Bonhill Rekid 2005 Bonhill Studios was in Sydney's Luxurious Bexley North district.2 stop west of Turellas Hippy commune 2 stops east of Beverly Hill'spalm trees and trendy cafes, where ridiculous plans were drawn upto take over our neighbours properties and to then erect a giant fence.then invite system:corrupt to come over and stage over the top parties on private property. Having no neighbours meant there wouldn't beany noise complaints...
Keywords: god rekidz, bonhill, squee, mcslypussy, anti-kati, etc
Downloads: 1,416
[audio]Deathwish - Noistruct
GOD40 Noistruct - Deathwish 2005 From the West Australian shores Boris Otterdam (aka Noistruct), movedacross the wide brown land to Sydney. Making Friends and Enemies almost instantly he also met the sydney breakcore scene who told him to"make yr beats more fucked up". completely ignoring this Boris stayed true to the old school ways and has managed to be one of the few remaining talents to create layered-break-beat-core in the said ways.Always able to grind out solid grooves in half time and do...
Keywords: god rekidz, noistruct, breakcore
Downloads: 1,353
[audio][Ma' at-neb-men-aa, Ma'at-ba-aa] - Dub Ya Children Eaterz
Back once again with the ill behaviour! This release is so mysterious, it actually has no real name, its in heiroglyphs, neat huh!!
Keywords: experimental electronics
Downloads: 1,351
[audio]All hail Turds jeussus - Angry Teenagers Who Want to Kill People
GOD91 ATWWTKP - ALL HAIL TURDS JEUSUS 2005 TURDS !!!! the lot of them. 32 tracks. "droppin' turds till I die" we are here blessed to a porcelain bowl full of west australian kak. turn yr speakers up, but have the money to replace 'em by track 3 ! put a feather in ya cap. Angry teeangers are here to Kill people. and we here at GOD Rekidz are happy to line up against the wall.
Keywords: god rekidz, ATWWTKP, breakcore, australia
Downloads: 1,347
[audio]Garbage Cuts - Squee
Yet more Squee, cuz we know yr a fan now. Yr hooked! You even feel like you need to get a copy of this collection of alternate versions, b-sides, and unreleased remixes. Its super hot stuff, and the art is clever too, Squee did that, hes clever.
Keywords: experimental electronics
Downloads: 1,251
[audio]Live in Paris - Knar
GOD62 Knar - Live in Paris Mesmerising A Klass artist Knar, the buffest CanadianSports fan in Saskatchewan, takes his merry 2005edition act around the world stopping in many places.Paris, France for example. This is perhaps the worstset we've ever heard from the young gun. but it's theonly one we have recorded and it's chock full ofrunning gags and embarrassing stalls ! We love it and think its sits nicely somewhere nearthe top of a giant pile of glorious turds!
Keywords: god rekidz, knar, breakcore, foolishness, brains, paris
Downloads: 1,221
[audio]Sighcore - Producer Snafu
GOD89 Prodcuer Snafu - Sighcore 2005 [Anti-Kati] anyone got a sentence or two about producer snafu new album "sigh-core" ? [djcalvin] some tracks are quite quick some you just spend hours and hours trying to get the sounds to fit [djcalvin] makes you think there somthing totaly rong from the start [djcalvin] yea is good [djcalvin] thats not even a sentance [dj_pacific] lol [Anti-Kati] its kinda close, more than I've written....
Keywords: god rekidz, producer snafu, breakcore, etc, etc
Downloads: 1,195
[audio]Before the Low Hum of Creased Expressions - Anti-Kati + Squee
Anti-Kati vs Squee, psychadelic free noise
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 1,188
[audio]Do Not Try To Tempt Us With Yr Logic Vol4 - Anti-Kati
Volume 4, and tha A/K machine still does not embrace logic. Contains stuff that you know is awesome, and stuff. The digi/anal integration begins, listen & burn! old skool, new skool y'all get skooled. Listen & learn send us yr hard earned.
Keywords: Experimental; Electronic; Anti-Kati; God Rekidz; Auckland; New Zealand; Noise
Downloads: 1,106
[audio]Malevolence - Squee
GOD95 SQUEE - MALEVOLENCE 2005 This is another squee release. some might call this a remix album. But its not ! Its a b-sides and rarities album. mmmmkay. You say tomato I say tomato indeed. Squee, k5k, Black Galantand MCslypussy appear all together, at last, on the same album. Simple GOD grooves and Lyrics from Squee's brilliant sister album Benevolence. Maybe there will be an ideal remix album someday...
Keywords: god rekidz, squee
Downloads: 1,100
[audio]Compositions for the Pneumatic DJ - Rong Di
GOD26 Rong Di - Compositions for the Pneumatic DJ 2003 MC Slypussy's debut solo release, dribbly psychadelic hip hop noises & nostalgic ramblings...
Keywords: god rekidz, anti-kati, mcslypussy, brains
Downloads: 1,063
[audio]Adolescent Fury - Squee
This is Squee at his most sad arse and depressing. If you LOVE goth poetry, you'll cry blood after hearing this. Makes Michael Gira look like Bonzo the clown.
Keywords: blues
Downloads: 1,060
[audio]10/12/03 - k5k vs Deadman
The infamous Zip decided to brave the garages of A/K city, and somehow this was recorded, sorry Zip! big ups yr posse face!! My sense is your sense, any time any place!
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 954 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Crossover Markets are a Bitch - Sounds of Horror
breakcore and stuff!
Keywords: Breakcore
Downloads: 946
[audio]In a Killing Mood - k5k
plunderphonic noises
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 888
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